Choosing the RIGHT Photographer

Choosing the Right Photographer by Woodsy Wonders

September begins Saturday which is the first official day of our fall portrait season. We are back in Arizona after living in North Texas for the past 4 years. This means a new market, some new clients and some repeat clients. People ask me often ask me so is all your old clients excited to book? Yes and no. As an artist, you grow and progress as you keep learning and your style continues to develop. Being in business for the past 10 years my style has certainly changed. Truth is, you can not be the right photographer for everyone.

   Photography is a luxury. It is not a need, it is a want. The value, quality and experience is what you are paying for when choosing a photographer. No, I am not going to charge what someone starting out is charging. I run a full-time business, pay my taxes and make sure my clients are going to get the BEST experience possible. My style is to focus on family connections, not posed everyone look at the camera photographer. I am not saying that the photographer down the street charging less is not a good photographer.

Choosing the Right Photographer by Woodsy Wonders

       Photography is something I am passionate about. It is a way to help with bills or pay for a nice vacation for my family. It is a business and I run it as a business. Being in business means making a profit and to do that you sit down and figure out what the numbers are. What numbers do I need to make a profit in order to stay in business. Taking numbers out of the sky or charging what your neighbor is charging is not going to work. You need to sit down and actually figure out your Cost of Doing Business (CODB) and Cost of Goods Sold (COG’s).

Having a business for 10 years you learn a lot. You learn what works and what doesn’t. This all comes with time and patience. We all have to start somewhere and I feel like I still don’t know everything after 10 years. I am still learning as I go, because things come up. Progress means change so you change. You can never stop learning and progressing. The moment you think you have it all figured out, seems like you have it all wrong. To be a successful photographer is hard work. It takes lots of time, patience, money, education and maybe some tears.

My ideal client values my work, experience and time. They also appreciate the hard work I put into every single client. I am here to provide the BEST service for them, not only to make a buck. I hope when you are looking for your own photographer, you take these things into consideration. In conclusion, you may have to work this into your budget and it may take a little planning. But, I promise you it will be worth it choosing the right photographer for YOUR family.

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